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Typical rural structure of the Piedmont tradition, surrounded by greenery, is situated in a panoramic position among the rolling hills named "Tortona hills" with a pleasant view of the Maritime Alps, the Ligurian Apennines and Scrivia valley.
Our B&B "diSpineto" can be the starting point for exploring a beautiful corner of Piedmont, reach Liguria and immerse themselves in an environment rich in lush vegetation and wine.
The B&B "diSpineto" is very close to the motorway exits of Tortona , Novi Ligure and Serravalle.
In the district, still among the "Tortona hills", numerous restaurants and farms will stimulate the appetite of visitors: the typical cuisine is traditionally made of meat and land products, but there are also many places that offer wonderful seafood.




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This part of the territory is also known as "The land of Fausto Coppi" since in Castellania, just a few kilometers from Spineto Scrivia, was born here "Campionissimo" and on these roads began his dazzling career.
The whole area of
​​the "Tortona hills" includes the valleys created by the Grue, Ossona and Scrivia torrents: among these hills, rich of meadows, vineyards, orchards, woods and ravines, you may follow different routes of great naturalistic interest.
The pristine environment, where nature is still sovereign, the constantly changing landscape through the colors of the seasons, the scent of flowers, fruits, wine and cuisine are the big hug that welcomes guests in this area.
The whole area where our B&B "diSpineto" will welcome you is also a land rich in every point of view: from a rural and agricultural soul, to architectural and art treasures kept in the treasure chest of ancient near towns that reserve new emotions and points of access and knowledge, so far off the usual tourist itineraries.
In these places you can spend holidays, work breaks or simple weekend of relaxation, with the possibility to taste the gastronomic specialties of the area.
Immersed in the "Tortona Hills" you can enjoy peace, tranquility and great views of woods, vineyards and crops of the area that in all the seasons of the year are always new and full of charm.
The host of this land, remains finally enchanted by re-discovering
rhythm and time on a human scale, such as to stay relaxed and in harmony with the values ​​of land and territory.


Spineto Scrivia

Spineto Scrivia - Bed & Breakfast diSpineto

It is located 28 km far from the provincial capital of Alexandria, in a hilly area (260meters above sea level) and 8 km far from Tortona.
The country has 350 inhabitants (Spinetesi), the patron saint is St. James and the patronal festival is on July 25th.
The name derives from Spineto hill covered with thorns on which the country has been built.
The core of the village, known as Castle keeps the square of the ancient building founded as a fortress in around 1198: this work has been transformed over the centuries as a convent for mendicant friars, and now turned into a private home.
Worthy of mention is the ancient oratory dating around 1576.
There are also interesting ruins of a castle built around 1300, then surrounded by a guard moat.

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